Geometric Stone Spheres of Scotland: Part 2 – Explanations From Platonic Solids to Sexual Healing

Geometric Stone Spheres of Scotland: Part 2 – Explanations From Platonic Solids to Sexual Healing

The purpose of these, predominantly Scottish in origin, spheres is unknown, although simple theories range from projectiles to predictive devices and more. But the sophistication of their design and manufacture seems to point us to there being a more intelligent and scientific nature involved. This Part takes us on a more complex exploration of their possible nature from the apparent basis in the Platonic Solids to the hypothesis of sexual healing power.

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A Philosopher’s Dimension

With a geometers eye, Keith Critchlow, author of Time Stands Still: New Light on Megalithic Science , saw something in the spheres that no-one had spotted before: sophisticated 3D geometric forms that look surprisingly close to the Platonic Solids. He saw all five Polyhedra, and intricate combinations of them, in a continuous fashion that suggested the designers understood, and excelled at 3D spherical geometry. Critchlow writes, " What we have are objects clearly indicative of a degree of mathematical ability so far denied to Neolithic man by any archaeologist or mathematical historian ."

Figure 9. A stone cube-octahedron

All five platonic solids are represented: octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron, and cube. There is also a cube-octahedron (see Figure 9.), where both these solids ‘nest’ within each other. “Nesting” was noted by Plato, and is integral in studying the liberal arts, and shows they were experimenting with various geometries. The Greeks taught that these five solids were the core patterns of physical creation. Four of the solids were seen as the archetypal patterns behind the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water), while the fifth was held to be the pattern behind the life force itself, the ‘ether’. The fact that many of them are exactly the same size (with 1mm difference), does also suggest a standard unit of measure was being used, much like Alexander Thom’s Megalithic Yard, but on a much smaller scale. However, many of them were not ‘perfect’ Platonic Solids, rather very close approximations showing obvious variations in the stonemasons’ skills. This variation can be seen on these three spheres on display at the British Museum, London.

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Figure 10. Three stone spheres on display at the British Museum, London

Cutting Edge of Geometric Design?

Recently, a stone sphere was found at the Ness of Brodgar on the island of Orkney, Scotland, a Neolithic settlement covering 2.5 hectares (6.2 acres) between the Ring of Brodgar and the Stones of Stenness. York University archaeologist, Professor Mark Edmonds, stated, " The density of the archaeology, the scale of the buildings and the skill that was used to construct them are simply phenomenal .” Other spheres had been found on Orkney previously, but this new discovery made me question if this settlement was the first “megalithic university” of the British Isles (it is at least 500 years older than Stonehenge). Was it here the megalithic yard was devised, where the stone spheres were manufactured, and a major center of learning thrived in the ancient world?

London may be the cultural hub of Britain today, but 5,000 years ago, Orkney was the center for innovation for the British Isles. Ideas spread from this place. The first grooved pottery, which is so distinctive of the era, was made here, for example, and the first henges – stone rings with ditches round them – were erected on Orkney. Then the ideas spread to the rest of the Neolithic Britain. This was the font for new thinking at the time .”

Figure 11. Stone sphere found on Orkney. (Photo credit: Orkney Archaeology)

The number of knobs on the objects ranges from 3 to 160 - quite a remarkable feat considering their size. “ All show an appreciation for symmetry in the design ” said Alison Roberts, curator at the museum. She is right, because one example is 14-sided, corresponding to a form with two opposite hexagons, each surrounded by six pentagons. However, Dr. Alison Sheridan of the National Museums of Scotland questions the evidence for advanced geometry. She says that the interpretation “ fails to take into account their archaeological background, and fails to explain why so many do not have the requisite number of knobs! It's a classic case of people sticking on an interpretation in a state of ignorance. A great shame when so much is known about Late Neolithic archaeology .”

Alexander Thom disagreed with Sheridan: “ The most perfect proof of the ability of Megalithic Man to understand and use solid appears they had a perfect mastery of their subject .” (“The Metrology and Geometry of Megalithic Man, in Records in Stone: Papers in Memory of Alexander Thom (Thom & Thom 1986), edited by Clive Ruggles. p148-149). Thom’s work is now being taken seriously, and perhaps these geometric spheres should be too.

A Catalogue of the Spheres

Keith Critchlow looked at as many of these spheres as he could and compiled the geometries into one unified system (see Figure 11.) and concluded that they were… “ for the study, comparison, and analysis of spherically determined systems of geometry ”. Remarkably, the final analysis was an almost perfect match for the controversial ‘Earth Grid’ hypotheses that I cover in detail in my 2008 book.

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Figure 12. Unified system of geometries compiled by Keith Critchlow

Earth Grid Theory

Originators of the ‘Earth Grid’ theory were University Professors Bethe Hagens and William Becker. They were the first to see the resemblance, having studied the stone spheres. They described them as “ planning models, not only for charting the heavens and building calendrical monuments, but were also used for meteorological study; to develop and refine terrestrial maps for predicting major ley lines of telluric energy; and, in conjunction with stone circles, were used to construct charts and maps for worldwide travel long before the appearance of the pyramids .”

This is quite a claim, but the location they were found in is an unusual zone on earth. Northern Scotland and the Orkney Islands, are at latitude where it is ideal to observe the minor and major lunar standstills that stretch across an 18.6 year cycle. I had the pleasure of viewing this in Callanais in the Outer Hebrides in early June 2006 - where I witnessed the moon rolling across the landscape, rather than setting or rising. It moves along what is called the “The Sleeping Goddess” mountain range on the horizon.

"The study of the heavens is, after all, a spherical activity, needing an understanding of spherical coordinates. If the Neolithic inhabitants of Scotland had constructed Maes Howe before the pyramids were built by ancient Egyptians, why could they not be studying the laws of three-dimensional coordinates? Is it not more than a coincidence that Plato as well as Ptolemy, Kepler, and Al-Kindi attributed cosmic significance to these (geometric) figures .”

The earliest written evidence of these geometries goes back (or forward) to the era of Pythagoras and Plato [427-347 BC]. Plato writes in the Phaedo [110b]: “ The real earth, viewed from above, resembles a ball made of twelve pieces of leather, variegated and marked out in different colors... ”. In the Timaeus, he also says the Demiurge used a twelve-sided form as a pattern for the World. Both of these descriptions appear to be describing the earth as a dodecahedron.

Atomic Representations

Perhaps the sphere carvers intuited the nature of spherical geometry. When looking at atoms, pollen, viruses and other microscopic phenomena, these geometries certainly pop up. In the work of Hans Jenny, and in his cymatic experiments, droplets of water were played various frequencies and unlikely 3D geometric patterns would form. This principle could be applied to any other sphere, even planets and moons. So if they could somehow see atoms and pollen, why not see the hidden geometries within other celestial bodies? (see my Earth Grids book for examples of these planetary geometries).

Energy Channels

I’ve always been interested in the energetic qualities of rocks and crystals, especially relating to megalithic sites. As noted earlier, many types of rock and even quartz spheres have been discovered. Where these balls were found “ is also the area of good land which today, as well as in antiquity, can support the largest population” (Marshall). Why would this be? Perhaps they were ceremonial objects that would be buried in the fields of crops and were seen as fertility offerings that they believed would help the season’s crops. But is there any evidence to back up this hypothesis?

Figure 13. Two stone spheres found in Ireland

In Ireland, two further intriguing stone spheres were discovered (see Figure 12.). One was “ a brown ironstone ball, three inches in diameter, and well rounded .” The other was granite. These perfectly spherical stones were found at the megalithic site of Loughcrew. One is paramagnetic, the other was diamagnetic - opposing forces that can stimulate growth in seeds.

Michael Poynder, author of Lost Science of the Stone Age , suggested the ancient megalith builders had advanced knowledge of magnetism and telluric earth energy currents. The monoliths may have acted as antenna, and the spheres were moved around the landscape to redirect, and even charge up the telluric currents to enable crops to grow effectively, as demonstrated scientifically by John Burke and the BLT Research Team at hundreds of ancient sites worldwide. Similar tests are being carried out to positive effect worldwide where the placement of ‘charged stones’ is increasing growth rates in crops (see Stone Age Farming by Alana Moore, and Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty by John Burke). The lack of balls found in graves may indicate that they were not for ‘individuals’, and were ‘left’ in the fields near the stone circles for other purposes.

Figure 14. (Photo Credit: Martin Morrison)

Healing Stones

If they did have energetic properties, could these spheres also have been used for healing? They are a perfect fit for one’s hand, so applying pressure to someone’s body, when the ball is ‘charged’ could have a powerful healing effect. The shapes of them also suggest they would be ideal for working on tight muscles. To push this hypothesis ‘fifty shades of grey’ further, could they have been sex toys? This may have also have had a ceremonial propose, and then placed within fields of crops to imbue them with this ‘fertility’ energy, like an offering to the earth goddess, with the geometric design symbolizing varying aspects of her true geometric nature.

Figure 15. Stone sphere discovered at Lochnagar

Interestingly, the spirals could be referencing telluric currents that move in similar configurations, plus geometric shapes in ancient traditions, were thought to have an effect on consciousness. Even modern technology is mostly based on the twin variables of ‘shape’ and ‘material’, where different shapes create different energetic effects, just as different materials offer different useful energy qualities. Like the geometric temples of the megalith builders, perhaps their hand-held ‘devices’ were as powerful then, as modern hand-held devices today. My smartphone has compass, GPS, Theodolite, Magnetic Variation detectors, and give off light and sound - but would be almost useless as a hunting projectile. These spheres could have been the Neolithic elite’s magical device that had hidden knowledge carved on them, been a healing tool, and even guaranteed your crops success.

These spheres certainly cause a lot of controversy, speculation and debate and as yet there are no clear answers. What theory appeals most to you?


We are taught in school that the earliest fossils of anatomically modern humans date back around 200,000 years ago. However, there’s plenty of evidence of highly advanced human civilization having come and gone dating back as much as 3 billion years ago. The scientific establishment has consistently ignorantly dispensed with the evidence often cruelly ridiculing or denouncing the findings as not being sufficiently researched nor intelligently interpreted and sometimes outright destroyed it almost always with the intent of hiding the truth. For, it completely undoes our current theories of human evolution.

Michael Cremo, author and researcher of the possibility of anatomically modern humans dating back millions, perhaps billions, of years states in his biography, “From the very beginning, my life has been a spiritual quest for love and truth. My father served as an American Intelligence Officer for the United States Air Force, and from that time my life was one of periodic change and travel. I went to high school at an American school in Germany and spent my vacations traveling all over Europe. Once, in the spring of 1965, in a youth hostel in Stockholm, I met some kids who had been to India and back, traveling overland. I decided I would someday do the same thing. I also became deeply interested in Eastern philosophy, particularly Indian esoteric teachings. ” “After carefully studying the Bhagavad-gita, a gift of some Hare Krishna people at a Grateful Dead concert, I decided that I should absorb myself in the yoga of devotion to the mysterious Lord Krishna.”

How can we not love this guy? I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area and during the 60s and 70s in particular, the Hare Krishnas were everywhere (People’s Park in Berkeley, rock concerts, bus terminals, etc.) dressed in colorful garments, joyously drumming, chanting and dancing barefoot with bells on their ankles. For Michael, they made quite an impression apparently. What I learned in Cremo’s book, “Human Devolution” of Hindu spirituality and how he unabashedly and meaningfully incorporates it, as well as the extraordinary, mystical or paranormal phenomena along with scientific research and findings was fascinating.

“FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY” [914 pp], “HUMAN DEVOLUTION” [554 pp. the one I read] and “THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE” (an abridged version of the first two) are impressive and most important works. But, Cremo emphasizes, “Human Devolution” and the abridged version are not a substitute for the full version and seeing for oneself the massive amount of evidence that contradicts the idea that anatomically modern humans evolved from ape-like specie over the past 6 million years. He adds that this evidence confirms that we really do require an alternative to the present theory of human evolution.

Strong Evidence

Here are a few examples from his book “Human Devolution” strongly suggesting anatomically modern humans dating back millions of years:

“A Relic of Bygone Age, “Scientific American” magazine (1852). A blast was made in the rock in North Dorchester [Boston, Massachusetts] throwing out an immense mass of rock some of the pieces weighing several tons and scattering out in all directions. Among them was found a metallic vessel in two parts. Putting them together formed a bell shaped vessel. On the side were six figures of a bouquet, beautifully inlaid with pure silver, and around the lower part of the vessel a vine, or wreath, also inlaid with silver. The vessel was blown out of solid stone 15 feet below the surface. The stone, now called the Roxbury Conglomerate, is of the Precambrian age, over 600 million years old.

(Winchell 1881 pg. 170) A copper coin was found in Yarmouth, Illinois from a well-boring at a depth of 114 feet. The Illinois State Geological Survey estimated that the age of the deposits at that level to be somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 years ago. According to standard views humans started using coins in Asia in the 8th century B.C., and homo sapien sapiens (developed enough to make and use coins) are thought not to have lived more than 100,000 years ago.

In 1897 “The Daily News” of Omaha Nebraska carried an article titled “Carved Stone Buried in a Mine.” A coal miner at 130 feet deep in the Lehigh Mine in Webster City, Iowa found a dark gray stone about 2ft. by 4ft. and 4 inches deep. Over the very hard surface are carved/drawn lines at angles forming perfect triangles and in the center of each triangle is a face of an old man. The Lehigh coal is from the Carboniferous period (roughly 360 – 300 million years ago).

In Castenedolo, Italy a landowner noticed some bones in an excavation. Geology Professor Giuseppe Ragazzoni recovered the bones. Soon the full skeleton was revealed to be that of an anatomically modern female. The stratum of blue clay within which the skeleton was recovered maintained its uniformity and showed no signs of disturbance (as would be the case if buried). The skeleton appears to have been deposited in a marine mud and not buried at a later time – showing a mixture of substances above the skeleton. There were also other bones discovered there earlier as if tossed by waves yet the strata where they settled was also undisturbed. Modern geologists place the blue clays in the middle Pliocene period giving them an age of around 3 – 4 million years.

* Again, Cremo states that there are so very, very many examples in “Forbidden Archeology.”

Cremo is elderly and has Parkinson’s disease, which obviously doesn’t stop him, so bear with the slowness of his speech. His interviews are quite fascinating nonetheless. He has many other talks online at universities, scientific institutions and a Google campus:

Other Evidence

Below is an image of roughly 2.8 to 3 billion year old Klerksdorp spheres found in 3 billion year old pyrophyllite deposits mined near Ottosdal in South Africa. They consist of different substances than is present in the pyrophyllite deposits. According to the analyzes, they are composed of hematite, wollastonite or pyrite materials that are not particularly hard or rare. Perhaps as many as hundreds have been found rock hounds have found and taken quite a lot. I did find a record of some discovered in the 1980s.

Where did the spheres come from?

There are two theories that attempt to explain these spheres that are often called by the name Klerksdorp spheres (simply because they are preserved in Klerksdorp museum):

1. One theory states that the spheres are an outcome of concretion – a natural process in which mineral matter masses get hardened over time.

2. The second theory states that the spheres were made by intelligent prehistoric beings.

The first theory comes from the study of some of the spheres which were elliptical in shape with the central portion having rough ridges. The second theory on the other hand takes into consideration the fact that some of the spheres are so well-balanced in proportion and shape and that the central grooves are so perfectly straight that a natural formation is completely ruled out, leaving behind only one possibility – they are hand-carved.

From University of Nebraska-Lincoln, mainstream scientist Dr. Karrie Weber who is currently involved in microbes research states that the spheres were formed from the byproducts of the microbes that lived 2.8 billion years ago.

Dave Corby, a geologist proposed a theory that a meteor impact on earth released molten spheres which were scattered on earth. These spheres according to Corby, eventually condensed to form the hard-shelled spheres. However, Corby later examined the spheres carefully and found that no evidence of meteor impact were found.

The stone above was found by Semir Osmanagich, nicknamed the “Bosnian Indiana Jones”

It is a 60 ton stone sphere found in Bosnia. There have been smaller ones (20 to 35 ton spheres) found in Costa Rica and Mexico. Similar spheres have been discovered in 20 different locations in Bosnia and made of different substances: granite, sandstone and igneous rock and, the one above consists of a high iron content..

Another mainstream scientist, Dr. Mandy Edwards from Manchester’s School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, claims that this rock formation is the result of the process of concretion where rock is formed by the natural process of precipitation from minerals cemented within the spaces of sediment grains.

Michael Cremo and others who believe that the 2.8 billion years old Klerksdorp spheres were works of intelligent prehistoric civilizations say that mainstream scientists really need to open up more and accept new theories that can actually contradict dominant views.

Scottish Spheres

Four hundred and twenty geometric stone spheres have been found in the vicinity of Neolithic (the stone age – 12,000 to 3,500 BCE) stone circles in Northern Scotland. Outside Scotland, examples have also been found in Ireland and in England.

Most of the Scottish spheres are around 3 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter, with some examples 3.6 inches (9 cm diameter) and date from 3200 BC to 1500 BC. One of the most striking aspects of the spheres is the intricate geometry, many of which appear to show the five Platonic solids, long before Plato lived (around 424 – 347 BCE).

The Sociopolitical Importance of this Information and its Relevance to Spirituality

Most articles that are focused on matters of sociopolitical importance would not venture into topics such as reincarnation, life after death, or other spiritual matters. But I, like many others, do not separate them. It’s that separation that is at the core of the problem the problem of the likelihood of human failure to further evolve as a specie. Though I do not believe it is a given that our specie will cease to exist. Rather, I go along with the enlightened French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s [1881 – 1955] philosophy as expressed in his brilliant book “THE PHENOMENA OF MAN” that facing difficulties, particularly societal, is an opportunity for the increase of mental complexity (intellectual, creative and spiritual) of the individual and collective human mind that facilitates our evolutionary development. De Chardin, points out that it is human mental complexity that places human evolution far in advance of the animal kingdom.

Although here I must add that there are other highly intelligent specie such as the sperm whale:

Sperm Whales

Sperm whales exceedingly loud underwater clicking sounds, at 236 decibels, makes them the loudest animal on earth. These clicks are a form of sonar, eco-location allowing them to picture everything in their environment. They are also a sophisticated form of language which allows them to communicate with other whales over hundreds, even thousands of miles. These clicks have been analyzed revealing as many as 1,600 micro clicks per second, and they can repeat very complex patterns of micro clicks many times over.

Sperm whales brains are 6X larger than human brains. Their neocortex is also 6X larger. The neocortex, the top layers of the brain’s left and right hemispheres, sometimes referred to a gray matter, governs high level mental functions including, sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, language and so much more. They also have 3X more spindle neurons which are relatively large brain cells that may facilitate neuronal communication across the relatively large brains of humans, great apes, elephants, and cetaceans (whales, orcas, dolphins, porpoises). These spindle cells are also found to be involved in feelings of compassion, love, emotional suffering and language. Sperm whales have had their brains, having been around, for 15 million years.

What Are We Learning From The Language Of Whales? James Nestor / TEDxMarin: watch?v=JM77aTk1XyI

Unrestrained, Reckless Scientific and Technological Developments

One of the major difficulties we are facing is largely due to unrestrained scientific and technological developments. The inordinately wealthy and out of control developers and abusers of chemical and technological products (in particular some, not all, military, corporate, and political leaders) have devolved into hubristic and spiritually devoid sociopaths, thus dangerous persons. They, along with the many ordinary individuals who have become equally as utilitarian and mechanistically minded (empathy, or feelings, for them too is disregarded) who are either eager to follow and, as well, those feeling, caring individuals who understandably are afraid not to fearing being left behind, homeless and impoverished, or physically destroyed.

These dangerous leaders claim, and may even themselves believe, to be motivated by advancing and improving worldwide political, social and cultural conditions – “A new world order,” according to George H. W. Bush, with them at the top in charge of everyone and everything. They may very well perceive humankind as best functioning much like an insect colony and are now implementing a world order based on such a model. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin states, though we may admire insects for their rapid movements, precision and, in some cases, perfectly ordered social structures they are frozen in their evolution.

Daedalus and Icharus

In Greek mythology Daedalus managed to create two sets of wings for himself and his son, Icharus, that were made of feathers glued together with wax. He taught Icarus how to fly and warned him not to fly too high, which would cause the wax to melt. Together, they flew out of the tower towards freedom. Icarus soon forgot his father’s warnings, and started flying higher and higher until the wax started melting under the scorching sun and he fell to his death.

“The Lament for Icharus” by H.J. Draper 1898

Spacetime as Viewed From a High and Vast Expanse

European explorers (Cortez et. al) discovered the new world in the 15th century and with their guns, germs and steel destroyed the indigenous peoples throughout the Americas largely motivated by power and profit. Today, many justify these and other global carnages claiming they are a necessary evil – natural selection, survival of the fittest. I disagree and believe that it is precisely because of this Darwinian justification why our species are, yet again over billions of years of evolutionary opportunities we are evolving intellectually and technologically yet arrested spiritually (the unseen, non physical radiance, that connects one and all with ALL). Thus, over billions of years perhaps, repeatedly not moving beyond those crucial times when we humans are confronted with our seemingly inevitable nearly if not total destruction.

In the context of cosmic-wide spacetime (or beyond even, and there is a beyond) events occurring over hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years is but the blink of an eye. Or, from the vast perspective of the eternal ALL encompassing, all events and things are still present and knowable. Try to imagine that your perception is so extensive, so vast, so all encompassing (within, thus one with) that any part of or all of spacetime, past present and future, would be instantly knowable to you.

Again, and strictly materialistically thinking, the whole of the planet, the milky way, the entire observable universe even, from a perspective vast enough would be like viewing a city from a very high vantage point and appearing as but a dot on the landscape. But, because of the all encompassing aspect of this vast all encompassing perspective, all the information in that dot is within the perceiver (not off at a distance) and would therefore be apprehendable to the perceiver in but an instant, just as one’s limbs are instantly apprehendable. If a given region of the spacetime matrix, for lack of a better word, and all the things therein is relatively contracted by and within, encompassed, the expanded consciousness of the perceiver then all the events over that space and time, over hundreds, millions of years or more even, are also relatively, not literally, contracted to the perceiver. If one’s perception encompasses the spatial region of a nation then all the events over time within that nation are consequently encompassed by that consciousness, thus knowable.

More locally speaking, yet still from a greatly expanded perspective, one could, if evolved enough, view a hundred years of activity in a U.S. city in but a few seconds, or focus in on a town square at a chosen particular time during that century. Along those lines, a million years of all the changes and activity on earth (species, geological, atmospheric), or throughout the solar system, the galaxy, and so on, would be perceived as occurring over a consistently briefer period of time from an increasingly vaster all encompassing consciousness. This is not like the historian’s, geologist’s, anthropologist’s, or cosmologists, etc., studious analysis of the past, nor a computer programmer’s algorithm predictions of the future. This is the actual state of the non physical, spiritual, wholly free state of being, of consciousness. Your Higher Self.

To clarify, why events over time contract as the perception increases therefore diminishing the observed space, or area? Space and time, spacetime, are one and the same. One only exists because of the other which only exists because of the other. To give a simple analogy, sort of like two sides of the same coin.

To wholly consciously encompass anything (person, place or thing no matter how big or small) as one within, as unified with one’s own consciousness, is what Love is. Spacetime, the space and time between, seemingly separating a consciousness from its center of interest, is in itself a state of mind that lasts but an instant, like a passing thought. Spacetime is meaningless in eternity where one and all are forever present, near and so very dear – the Kingdom of God, so to speak.

Plato’s Cave

Plato’s “ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE” begins with a scene describing a group of prisoners who have lived chained to the wall of a darkened cave their entire lives.

Every day these people imprisoned in the cave watched the two dimensional shadows projected on a wall in front of them. For them, these shadows were real and shaped their entire lives. Entirely fixated on these shadows they were unaware of the radiance illuminating an o pening in the cave, leading to their freedom, right behind them. Then one of the prisoners looks around, sees the illuminated opening, leaves the cave and ventures outside into the light. For the first time in his life, he can see the “true” forms and shapes of reality beyond the shadows he thought were real.

He returns to his brethren in the cave and tells him of the far greater freedom, beauty and brilliance of what he saw and is right there, behind and accessible to them. Being entirely absorbed by the two dimensional world before them, they were not open to the truth. In fact they killed him.

Our overuse, and abuse of the illuminated 2-D screen is narrowing, flattening, in every way contracting our consciousness awareness. We are consciously and unconsciously mistaking the images on the screen for reality. This technology is also being intentionally and unscrupulously used as a hypnotic, and other forms of mind control, device by those who chose to objectify, control and exploit their fellow human being and we’re willingly, eagerly subjecting ourselves to this diminished, darkened state – enslavement basically.

“PLATO’S CAVE” from artist Lelita Hamil’s philosophical works

Warfare – Our Undoing

War is not the destruction of a perceived enemy, it is self-destruction. There is something here I am reluctant to go into detail about. It involves earthquakes and weapons of mass destruction either intentional or reckless and stupid testing detonation. If we survive what all is going on, the only rational thing to do is to immediately embark on the dismantling of the military industrial complex.

Interview with retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson “America Exists Today to Make War” : watch?v=JYHRlK3VYbI

Technology – We Are All Being Spied On By Our Government, The Military and Corporations

Currently, the everyday person everywhere is looking at luminous 2-D screens, talking into, writing on, creating, sharing and storing photos and videos via technological devices that, on the other side, are biological or AI spies looking back at, grabbing and storing all that data, the details of our personal and private lives. Governments, the military, and tech corporations are easily capable and willing, if not eager, to exploit or destroy us underdeveloped primitives should we get in the way of their futuristic visions of the world with our valid concerns regarding mass surveillance, our recommendations to slow down to be certain of no biological or environmental harm due to all the radiation emitted by these devices, towers and satellites, or should we merely be deemed unfit by them.

We can’t be reminded enough of this prescient novel (pub. in 1949).

EDWARD SNOWDEN, a former CIA computer systems analyst, discusses in his book, PERMANENT RECORD” the relevance of George Orwell’s novel “1984” in the age of Google – a far worse and invasive surveillance today than what the novel depicts, he claims. From his book one also gets an idea of the outlandish cost to the taxpayer – months and months of workers’ labor on behalf of the military, the defense industry, intelligence agencies and all their contractors and subcontractors. What a pathetically foolish waste!

The U.S. government is suing to seize the profits from his book.

Read Edward Snowden’s book, “PERMANENT RECORD” – a real eye opener. Also, or at least,watch Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy And Threats To Democracy / The 11th hour / MSNBC : v=e9yK1QndJSM

It’s No Secret that History Repeats Itself

The great pains, unimaginable sorrows and tragedies of yesteryear are permanently recorded and still present today. Spacetime, separated things and events, are but physiological/neurological interpretations.

Some claim of the unseeable existence of the cosmic-wide Akashic records that store all information everywhere down to the smallest, seemingly insignificant bits of information about things, thoughts, words and activities. On the human scale, the hypothesis is that the American seer and healer Edgar Cayce [1877 – 1945] was able to access these records during trance. I tend to think of universal wide aggregations of quantum structures of H20 molecules, often entangled thus instantly transmitting information facilitating structural, or development of form, processes (as in cellular differentiation), and evolutionary advantage information. And, meanwhile storing all this information everywhere. Sort of like 1s and 0s strung together, bits of information, in computer programs enabling massive amounts of information storage and functions. So why have we not access to all this cosmic information? Well, just look at what’s being done with all the information technology accumulates. Look at what we’ve done with the knowledge of all the energy compactified within an atomic nucleus and how to release it – the atomic bomb (and there are far more devastating bombs now) of course. We’re on shaky ground quite literally.

I digress, nonetheless many of these tragedies of the past are still present, having not yet healed, like an open wound, regardless of the countless professings of the wise to forgive and forget. Perhaps a much needed truth has not been revealed or lessons having not yet been learned making the way for forgiveness, a healing, a correction. Thus history repeats, or re-presents, itself. Consider for example the remarkable coincidences associated with the President John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln assassinations. [For a chart listing the comparisons see below].

Those well meaning recommendations to forgive and forget don’t work for the most part. Yet, there are times when they do then along comes another plan led by one, or a few, and sometimes followed by many, to carelessly, callously and mercilessly destroy life for some sociopolitical cause or another, shrouding the ignorance and cruel sadism, the objectifying of the victims. Yet, the greatest sufferers of these activities are often the perpetrators themselves. Many, if not most, later in life as they inevitably and unavoidably change are tormented by their permanently recorded and re-presented thoughts, words and deeds..

Years ago I watched an interview with a woman in her fifties (it was either Leslie Van Houten b. 1949 or Susan Atkins 1948 – 2009) who was one of the young women involved in the brutal, senseless Manson murders in California in 1969. Having been incarcerated for decades, she was up for parole and spoke honestly and frankly of her state of mind. One of the things that she said, that I shall never forget, was when a harm is inflicted on an individual, for the victim, time does heal. Yet, to the person who inflicts the harm the events surrounding the circumstances, including their inner thoughts and things they hadn’t consciously observed at the time the harm was done, are recalled in increasingly vivid detail each and every day throughout the perpetrator’s life.

Charles Manson’s followers: Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkle, 1969.

She went on to say that every morning, over decades by then, she awakens to a fresh detail or realization associated with the horror that she inflicted on her innocent victims that initially, and for a time afterwards, she had been unaware of. By the end of the interview my impression was that her suffering was far greater than that of her victims’ or those that loved them, and that she deserved forgiveness thus parole. Family members of the victims were always present at her parole hearings vehemently expressing their desire that she remained in prison. Years later, having personally experienced being criminally victimized, I understood and came to sympathize with their position as well

I’ll be 69 this year [2020], and although I’ve never committed a crime (other than smoking pot) what, over the past five years or so, will mentally surface out of nowhere are memories of thoughtless, selfish, even mean spirited actions on my part that I hadn’t realized at the time were such and hadn’t thought of over the decades since. Mostly they are seemingly minor events something hurtful I said to a coworker or a classmate, or having insensitively broken a lover’s heart. Regardless, I’ve learned that I wasn’t always as nice as I thought I was. A sort of a preview perhaps of what my afterlife life review will present to me that near death experienciers, NDEs, speak of.

Elizabeth Ann Smart, a pretty blond haired blue eyed child who, at 14 years old in 2002, was abducted by two mentally ill perverts, a man and his wife, and held captive for nine months during which time she was repeatedly sexually molested. Her abduction, the subsequent successful rescue by law enforcement officers and the arrest and prosecution of the couple who committed this heinous crime were all over the news throughout the U.S.. The man was sentenced to life in prison and his wife received a lesser sentence of 15 years. Smart has since gone on to be a public speaker, author and activist who speaks of the importance of forgiveness enabling healing.

Only weeks after her rescue, she hiked with her family to the camp where her abductors had taken her nine months before. “I felt great. I felt triumphant,” she said of the experience. Smart also helped to author the United States Department of Justice’s 2008 handbook for kidnapping survivors, “You Are Not Alone: The Journey From Abduction to Empowerment.”

Think of all those persons for whom there was no public outcry, no one cared what happened to them, they had no familial loving support during their ordeal or to return home to, nor show of kindness in response from anybody at any time. And the system of law enforcement, let alone the justice department, was of no help to them at all maybe even contributed further to their pain by not believing them, or worse. To forgive is far more difficult for them than for someone like Elizabeth Smart and her family – and thank God they had all that support.

What does help and lead to forgiveness, is a loving caring response from the community, family and friends, and a reliable, functional system of justice and law enforcement doing their job – and clearly there are those in these fields who try their best, sometimes quite heroically, to help. As you can imagine forgiveness would be far easier, even for a child, than for the person who has no one to turn to – no one gives a damn. Due to my own, yet different, experience I’ve lost all faith that, for the most part, there exists a meaningful, working system of law enforcement and justice here in the U.S.. Then of course, that’s what non whites, most notably African Americans and native American Indians, have known all along.

“Pink Pearl” an oil painting by Leslie (Maggy) Taylor

And now, all of us, all ethnicities, all nations are facing a global-wide invasion and destruction of individuals’ rights to privacy, property rights, the right to be informed of and participate in matters that greatly affect how we live, our communities, our life style and our and our children’s futures by those who are imposing technology, launching tens of thousands of 5G satellites, installing worldwide billions of mega and small 5G towers (one every few buildings) and spying cameras on the streets, in our neighborhoods, public bathrooms and dressing rooms, inside our computers and so called smart phones – everywhere we go documenting and permanently recording everything we do, even during our most private moments.

Government employees, NSA analysts, are taking this so far as to use spying technologies to stalk, in particular women, for voyeurism or other sexual exploits [Edward Snowden “Permanent Record” p. 279 – 282] as well as leading to the control and ruin of a person’s professional and personal life should the government arbitrarily decide to do so.

I’m personally familiar with this having been gang stalked by covert operators hired and trained by contractors (security companies), or military veterans, or organized crime (already familiar with gang stalking tactics) contracted by the government. Could this country sink any lower? Actually yes, and it is. Anyway, in my case, I was gang stalked for having protested against the invasion of Iraq [launched in 2003] in marches and in the newspaper. Prior to that I was quite involved as an activist in the Democratic Party in Boulder, Colorado. I suspect these activities put me on President G. W. Bush’s hit list. His statement prior to the invasion, “You are either for or against us.” was no idle threat.

Here’s a report by former NSA employee, Karen Stewart “NSA Stalks Innocent Americans” regarding gang stalking. She, because of her publicly exposing these programs, is now herself a targeted individual, a TI. Her bravery is amazing for she knows what she’s up against.

Again, I go along with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin here, rather than some, certainly not all, of my high school classmates posting on Facebook who seem to be mostly concerned with exceedingly trivial matters: what restaurant they recently dined at, how little money they got for their collection of ceramic tea cups, photos of their new washer and dryer, etc. Observing their interests and concerns during these crucial times tells me much about how, for example, the Nazis influence had grown to the extent that they were able to inflict so much irrational and cruel harm on and the murder of tens of millions of innocent people, children included. Of course there were also the Stalinist’s in Russia, Mao Zedong’s communist party in China and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia all during the 20th century.

Albert Einstein, “The world is a dangerous place to live not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

We all need to be focused on our being currently and rapidly invaded, not with boots on the ground but with technology, and how we can best contribute to the protection of our rights, our future and our children’s future. This takes learning, thinking and Love (the source of spiritual strength and miracles, no less) thus the wisdom and the courage to act – the reasons we are here.

A 50 foot high 5G mega tower. One of many installed within a 10 mile radius of my home.

*Note: This article does not address the physiological and neuropsychiatric impacts of the use of wireless devices on humans, particularly the young, and other species nor the impacts on the atmosphere from all the radiation emitted from the satellites, towers, small cells and billions upon billions of wireless devices. I contend that these RFs (called radio frequencies, though they’re largely microwave and some infrared frequencies) are what’s causing the accelerating global-wide atmospheric heating and chaos and not nearly so are C02 particulates from fossil fuel burning. This is not to say that spewing soot into the atmosphere is a good idea either, but again, it’s not anywhere as lethal presently as saturating the biosphere with all this electromagnetic radiation.

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