10 of the Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for History Lovers

10 of the Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for History Lovers

Struggling to think of what to buy for the history-lover in your life now you’ve exhausted non-fiction bestsellers and Christmas tree decorations? We’ve got you covered. Check out 10 of our favourite from the Our Site Shop, which will make their day!

1. An annual subscription to Our Site TV

First things first. There truly is no better gift for any history fan in your life – unlimited access to world-class documentaries, new releases every week, ad-free podcasts and exclusive events. They will love you forever if you get them an annual subscription – or even better, an annual subscription with a copy of Dan Snow’s On This Day.

2. Aprons

Christmas dinner is a messy affair – no-one wants to ruin their outfit as they stand over the stove. Luckily, you won’t have to. Ensure your loved ones can cook in style with our aprons: we’ve got four snazzy styles to choose from, so why not get the full set?

3. Henry V Plantagenet Hoodie

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” cried Shakespeare’s Henry V, but we bet he would have felt even more courageous (and warm) had he been wearing one of these Plantagenet hoodies. Historical and practical, they come in a range of sizes (and designs, should Henry V not take your fancy): truly the ideal Christmas present for your history-mad dad.

4. Jolly Magpie Crowns

Upgrade from paper crowns at Christmas dinner to with these beautiful handmade bespoke felt crowns. Just the thing for the thing for the king or queen in your life – let them feel like royalty every day.

5. Face Covering Two Pack

It looks like face coverings are here to stay for a good while longer. Struggling to decide which design of our historical face coverings to get (we get it, it’s difficult). Why not buy two?

6. Knitted Knight Hat

It’s winter. It’s cold. You need a face covering. Our knitted knight hat solves both of these problems: not only is it nice and toasty, it also has a visor that can double as a face covering (sort of). An ideal present for the person who has everything because we can guarantee that they won’t have one of these very cool hats.

7. Map of the Roman Empire

Know a fan of The Ancients podcast? Or a budding Classicist? This map of the Roman Empire is sure to make their Christmas. Incredibly detailed and extremely high quality, it’s a wonderfully aesthetic and informative addition to any wall.

8. Queens T-Shirt

Louise’s brilliant t shirts are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face – featuring a quote from the ever popular Netflix drama The Crown, show some love for England’s queens.

9. Calendar

Can’t say good riddance to 2020 fast enough? Look forward to a new year filled with hope and promise with our 2021 calendars. The Our Site team spend a lot of the time on the road filming, and have taken some cracking snaps along the way. Now you too can enjoy them with our Our Site 2021 Calendar. And the added bonus? We’ve popped in some important anniversaries happening in 2021 so you can impress with your historical trivia knowledge.

10. Tutankhamun Face Mask

We’ve saved the best ’til last. This face covering is Dan Snow’s favourite, in case you needed another reason to buy it.

10 Science Gifts People Will Actually Want for Christmas

Science nerds can be difficult to shop for. They’ve seen it all — and probably know it all, too.

When the holidays roll around, another gift card or throw blanket just isn’t going to cut it. But rest easy, we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken the guesswork out of gift giving, presenting you with 10 cool science gifts for your science-loving friends, family and significant others.

These science gifts were hand-picked by My Science Shop and cater to the science enthusiasts on your Christmas list — no matter their quirks or interests.

We think this curated collection of gifts checks all the boxes. Dinosaurs? Yep. Outer space? You ’betcha. Chemistry? Of course! Math? Right on.

And if you’re looking for more science gift ideas (or want to pick something out for yourself), head over to MyScienceShop.com . There’s no shortage of budget-friendly, unique science gifts that’ll make hearts — and minds — soar.

10 Gift Ideas For Dinosaur Lovers Of All Ages

This holiday season you might be asking yourself what to buy the dinosaur fan that has everything. Well don't worry, because I have rounded up 10 items that, in my professional opinion, are fun, interesting, unique, and often educational for a wide range of ages. There are so many awesome items out there by great companies, so if you have any other fun paleontology products you would like to recommend tweet me @DrShaena with the hashtag #DinoGiftGuide.

For The Action Figure Fan:

Fossil Hunter Lottie. Image Credit: Lottie.com

The toy company Arklu launched Lottie dolls in 2012 to provide age appropriate educational toys for children aged 3-9. Fossil Hunter Lottie is a recent addition from the company meant to highlight achievements of female paleontologists in doll form. Fossil Hunter Lottie sold out on its initial run this summer, but more are back in stock and can be purchased for $24.95 from Lottie.com.

For The Movie Buff:

Jurassic World Limited Edition Gift Set (Image Credit: Amazon.com)

Relive the magic of the summer 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World at home in blu-ray 3D, but that's not all! Along with this limited edition set you also get a collectible action figure of Indominus rex locked in battle with Tyrannosaurus rex. If $81.69 at Amazon.com seems like too much, just the blu-ray can be purchased separately for $19.95.

For The Reader:

Excavate! Dinosaurs. Image Credit: Storey Publishing.

Excavate! Dinosaurs is not just any dinosaur book for kids. A new release this year by paleontologist Jonathan Tennant, this book combines interesting facts on dinosaur biology and anatomy with cutouts that can be assembled into paper dinosaur models. Excavate! Dinosaurs is an interactive and educational way for young paleontology fans to learn more about their favorite dinosaurs. It is currently available on Amazon.com for $10.79.

For The Home Decorator:

Light Will Find A Way candle from Firebox.com (Image Credit: Firebox.com)

As a fan of dinosaur eggs, this candle is pretty much the ultimate gift. UK based company Firebox.com has developed this exclusive candle that starts out whole, but as it burns, a baby velociraptor is revealed inside. The candle is probably slightly larger than life size, but I will forgive that because this is a truly unique gift. Cleverly named "Light will find a way", it can be yours for $45 from Firebox.com.

For The Art Lover:

Mammoth is Mopey by David and Jennie Orr (Image Credit: mammothismopey.com)

The wonderfully whimsical book Mammoth Is Mopey is a clever new offering from David and Jennie Orr. The Orrs describe their book as " an alphabetical celebration of prehistoric life" with letters A through Z illustrated by unique extinct creatures, and not just dinosaurs. For the holiday season, half of the sales will go to the Jurassic Foundation, so a purchase will be directly benefiting paleontological research. The book can be purchased directly from their website for $15.

For The Fashionable Ones:

NHM London dinosaur Christmas sweater designed by WornBy (Image Credit: NHM Shop)

Ugly sweaters are all the rage these days, and now dinosaur fans are not left out of the fun. This year the Natural History Museum shop is offering an exclusive dinosaur Christmas sweater design from Worn By. Be the hit of any party in this lovely cotton sweater this holiday season--I should know, I bought one right when they came out. This one is $68 (£45) from the NHM shop, but if you are shopping stateside the American Museum of Natural History also has a great selection of dino-themed holiday sweatshirts too.

For The Builders:

All 4 Nanoblock dinosaurs. Image credit: Nanoblock.

These Nanoblock dinosaurs are not only fun to put together, they will look good on your desk or table once you are done with them too. These exciting 3D puzzles come in 4 different dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus, T. rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. Nanoblock sets are recommended for ages 12 and up, but adults (like myself) would definitely enjoy these. They are available for between $10 and $15 each at Amazon.com.

For The Bakers:

Dinosaur cookie cutter/stampers by Fred & Friends (Image Credit: Amazon.com)

Jazz up your holiday baking this season with this set of 3 cookie cutters from Fred & Friends. These dinosaur cookie cutters also imprint the skeleton of the dinosaur in the cookie. Instead of a regular gingerbread man this season why not try a gingerbread dinosaur instead? These dinosaur cookie cutter/stampers are $10.51 at Amazon.com.

For The Chefs:

Pastasaurus in action. (Image Credit: Amazon.com)

I have been using the Pastasaurus for years and I can speak from experience that it makes a lovely and practical gift for any dinosaur fans who also enjoy cooking. Another offering from Fred & Friends, the Pastasaurus pasta scoop is a great stocking stuffer for only $8.02 at Amazon.com.

For The Budding Paleontologist:

Smithsonian Diggin Up Dinosaurs kit. (Image Credit: Amazon.com)

Most children who are interested in fossils would love to take part in a dig someday. Before they have that chance, playing with a kit like Smithsonian Diggin' Up Dinosaurs can give them the idea of how paleontologists actually discover and remove dinosaur bones from the ground. There are some tools included for kids (and adults) to gently scrape away the plaster "rock" to reveal dinosaur bones. Once the bones are discovered, they can be assembled into a full dinosaur skeleton. This kit is available on Amazon.com for $22.99.

I am a paleontologist and science communicator. I received my PhD from the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.…

I am a paleontologist and science communicator. I received my PhD from the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Follow me on Twitter at @DrShaena.

40+ Thoughtful Gift Ideas Every Family Member Will Appreciate

Personalized and matching ideas that will really go a long way.

Christmas shopping for a whole family can be challenging when each member has a different personality. Maybe Mom's a foodie while Dad is more into golf. The challenge is finding a thoughtful gift that caters directly to a whole family (while still being affordable).

Unique and considerate gifts are out there: it's just a matter of looking in the right places. To help, we've rounded up the best family gift ideas &mdash whether you want to go with a personalized gift and matching pajamas. Our list includes not only gift options for the family to share, but we also have individual suggestions for mom, dad, kids, and teens &mdash yes, even those tween girls and boys that are usually pretty impossible to shop for!

FYI: Certain items may be shipped later this year due to the pandemic. You can check here for all shipping deadlines to ensure your item arrives in time for the holidays

Give each family member a mug with their name and face on it so they'll never accidentally drink your coffee anymore.

For the Literary Hipster

"Telegraph Avenue" by Michael Chabon takes place in Oakland and centers on a small record store that is threatened by a big chain. This novel has many plot threads and ambitious writing. Chabon may just be the greatest living American writer today. His sentences are sumptuous. One is 11 pages long and fills an entire chapter as the writer and reader observe the goings-on of every major character. It’s ingenious. He brings all the underground and popular recognition of art and culture naturally into the flow of his stories. There are some explicit sexuality and violence, so read in-depth reviews for a better understanding of what you are buying before you give this gift.

The Worst Christmas Gifts of All Time


Just when you thought it was safe—fun even—to receive holiday gifts, it’s time for another roundup of contenders for the crown no one wants.

Gifts are universal. They’ve existed throughout history and across civilizations for a reason. Gifts communicate the nature of relationships, such as how well you know and understand someone, how highly you regard them, and how central they are to your life. Which is why most of us think, plan and fret about holiday gifts. Gifts also have a tremendous ability to connect people to each other. Except when they’re really awful gifts. What’s an awful gift?

Seemingly everyone has an example. Last year at this time I shared shoppers’ stories about the worst gifts they’ve ever received. TIME readers responded with their own worst gift tales. Again, horrendous presents come in a few distinct varieties.

The Passive-Aggressive (a.k.a Mother-in-Law) Gift
Misbehaving mothers-in-law pop up whenever the subject of worst gifts arises, and they especially dominate the passive-aggressive category. Apparently, some in-laws feel the holiday season is the perfect time of year to communicate their displeasure with a child’s choice of partner. Santa would not be pleased.

“My ex-boyfriend’s mother gave me a Hello Kitty coloring book and a battery-operated cellulite massager,” commented a user going by the name Zara118. “I was 26 and weighted 100lbs.”

“My mother-in-law once bought me a toilet, tank and all,” chime in ralphthesquirrel1. “To make it much more interesting she also paired it up with a matching toilet bowl coffee cup. Passive aggressive to the limit!”

“My mother-in-law bought me a tin of cookies, ate the cookies, and gave me the empty, except for the crumbs, tin,” wrote frankiegogo.

“My mother-in-law for years bought the other daughter-in-law the expensive makeup or perfume,” another reader said. “And I always got the free gift that came with it.”

It’s not always the mother-in-law doing out passive-aggressive gifts. “A relative gave my spouse and I ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families,’” one reader recalled. “Giving someone a self-help book implies you think they need it.”

The Well-Meant Misfire
Last year, an acne solution kit given by a best friend led the way in the “well-intentioned but ultimately awkward” gift category. Here are a few more misfires.

“My husband bought me a toilet roll holder,” says AnthrostericalCU. “It was nice, wrought iron, and had a dagger-like point which I refrained from using on him.”

Someone with the username Chrigid received a bottle of Cointreau. The giver handed it over and said, “I thought you’d like this. It tastes like kerosene.”

One husband decided that the perfect Christmas gift for his wife (username: Inhumor) would be a post hole digger, used to make holes for fences, deck footings, and such.

The All-About-Me Gift
If it’s the thought that counts, then “all about me” givers think an awful lot—about themselves.

One wife received a waffle iron from her husband. That wouldn’t be the worst gift ever except for what was implied by the present in this relationship. “He thought if we had a waffle iron I could make waffles for him.”

JamieSpeckNugent says the worst gift she’s ever received was a framed, blown-up snapshot of her father-in-law, which her mother-in-law insisted should be hung in her bedroom.

“My mother would give me clothes in her style and size so that she could ‘borrow’ from me and we could ‘share,’” wrote a reader with the username ssss08.

The Super Cheap Gift
We have a new category this year, the incredibly cheap gift. It might be tempting to think that people who are disappointed by cheap gifts are materialistic or greedy. In fact, most are responding to what that cheap gift says about their relationships—specifically, how thoughtless and selfish some of the people in their lives are.

“I was once given a manila file folder (yes, just one),” wrote draska.

ScienceIsFunStuff says she was confused about why a friend sent her a Barbara Streisand CD. Then she went to Victoria’s Secret and saw that the CD came free with a purchase.

A reader known as AlikiKinimaka received as a gift a package of Press-On-Nails and a lone scrunchie (they normally come in packages of six).

When Rihannk’s houseguests began handing out gifts it became clear they had forgotten to bring a gift for the host, until suddenly one of the guests came up with a present out of the blue. “With a very suave gesture he announced, ‘I have one for you!’ and handed me his shower gel.”

Soccermom’s husband never buys her holiday gifts, saying that “things will be cheaper in the after Christmas sales.” That would be bad enough. The real problem is that “the gift, of course, never comes. Just an ‘owe you one babe,'” from her husband.

2013 Worst Gift Award Winners
The Scrooge of the Year Award goes to super cheap gift giver “eornom” who proudly wrote that he’s given the following gifts to people over the years: a belly button lint brush, cheap porn, transmission fluid, an air mattress pump, chipped coffee mugs and a “candom,” which is a can cooler shaped like a condom.

The Truly Worst Gift of the Year Award is a flame-throwing weed killer, given, of course, by a mother-in-law—a passive-aggressive, possibly psychopathic one at that. According to Greekgeek, “The English instructions said it was for killing weeds, but warned that if you didn’t hold it absolutely upright it was liable to back up and explode. It came from a mother-in-law who really had been doing subtle things to make the daughter-in-law know she wasn’t welcome at all for years.”

Thank you to everyone who shared their worst gift experiences. Let’s hope you don’t have any new contenders for the category after the upcoming round of gift exchanges is over.

Kit Yarrow chairs the psychology department of Golden Gate University and was named the university’s 2012 Outstanding Scholar for her research in consumer behavior. She is a co-author of Gen BuY and is a frequent speaker on topics related to consumer psychology and Generation Y.

Magazine and Guide Gifts for Geologists

Bob's Rock Shop
While Bob doesn't sell rocks at his rock shop (Bob’s Rock Shop is actually an online publication and community for rock enthusiasts), but this great Web destination has advertisers who do—or you can get a subscription to Rock & Gem magazine here.

Earth Magazine
Earth Magazine
is one of the best and most popular magazines for those who take geology seriously (the publication was formerly titled Geotimes). You can buy gift subscriptions for your geologist on their site.

Mountain Press Publishing
Mountain Press Publishing’s online bookstore is home to the highly regarded Roadside Guide and Geology Underfoot series of books.

U.S. Geological Survey Maps and More
Yes, the USGS has a store, and it’s full of great gifts for geologists! Find maps, posters, passes, products and more from the world's coolest government agency.

Desert Guides
Desert Guides host an assortment of books about getting around, and even finding wealth, in the desert. Your geologist will get lost in the fascinating information and stories!

Budget: $15-$30

16. Shakespearean insults mug ($16)

Speaking of the inimitable Bard, this “insults mug” is perfect for Shakespeare nerds and anyone craving a steaming hot cup of joe with a side of slander.

17. Author shot glasses ($16)

Once again we’ll invoke the classic saying of #7. These literary shot glasses, featuring the likenesses of Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker and more, can certainly help with the first part! (For the second, you might consider the coffee subscription at #40.)

18. The 3 A.M. Epiphany ($18)

If 1 a.m. is for writer’s block and 2 a.m. is for pure panic, 3 a.m. is when this book comes to the rescue. With 200 carefully crafted exercises, this book is a saving grace for writers everywhere. (If you want to make it a double whammy, pair it with its sequel, The 4 A.M. Breakthrough.)

19. Scapple ($18)

Brought to you by the Scrivener team, Scapple is a great little program that helps you make more intuitive, useful connections between ideas. Create notes anywhere on a virtual sheet of paper, then link them together using lines or arrows to see how your thoughts mesh. Ideal for plotters who like to sketch out everything before they start writing!

20. Book coasters ($20)

And for those who prefer mixed drinks to shots — or who simply need someplace to set down their coffee — literary coasters are at your service. With designs almost indistinguishable from actual books, these wooden coasters are both beautifully made and very handy for parties.

21. Literary puzzles ($20)

Another excellent way to break from writing (while keeping the creative side of your brain engaged) is to piece together puzzles. For writers and writerly friends, these literary puzzles with scenes from Alice in Wonderland and The Wind in the Willows should do the trick.

22. Writer’s Market 2020 ($20 for ebook)

Publishing is a grand undertaking, and this massive guide is a testament to that: at 900 pages, it contains over 7,500 entries for book publishers, magazines, contests, and agents. But it could be the missing link in your friend’s publishing resource repertoire, which means that you’d be giving them the best thing of all: the gift of getting published.

23. Dramatic bookends ($20)

What happens when bookshelves get jealous of the books for stealing the spotlight? Why do books get all the glory, anyway? Add ✨drama✨ to any shelf with these bookends that are sure to stop guests in their tracks.

24. Open book platter ($22)

Know any writers moonlighting as chefs, or who enjoy artfully arranging food? This “open book” platter is perfect for serving snacks at book club or hors d'oeuvres at a literary dinner party. (Plus if you like the platter, there’s a whole set of dishes where that came from!)

25. Rifle Paper planner ($15-$25)

Sometimes the best way to motivate yourself is to write a nice-looking to-do list — and for that, of course, you’ll need a beautiful planner. These ones from Rifle Paper strike just the right balance between aesthetic and affordable, and are sure to have writers scribbling down all their ambitions for the new year.

26. The Emotion Thesaurus and others ($15-$25/book)

There are only so many times people can read, “Larry was sad,” without getting sick of Larry and whatever he’s sad about. Luckily, The Emotion Thesaurus can help: it contains pages and pages of detailed body signals, facial expressions, and mental responses to use in description. (And its sequels, on positive and negative character traits, can help even more!)

27. Literary tote bags ($15-$25)

The Literary Gift Company has all-around fantastic fare for book nerds, but their literary tote bags might take the cake — after all, they allow the owner to take their favorite story with them wherever they go. Not to mention how useful they are for everything from grocery shopping to bookstore hauls!

28. Book text posters ($24)

And for friends who are in desperate need of home furnishings, you can hardly do better than an elegant literary poster. Each design not only looks gorgeous from afar, but when you look closer, actually incorporates the text of the work in question.

29. Cards Against Humanity ($25)

This one might seem like a wildcard (no pun intended) in our list of otherwise very literary gifts. But when you think about it, what is CAH other than a game of spinning stories? Gift this to your most mischievous writer friends — if nothing else, it’s a great way to blow off some steam!

30. The Little Library Cookbook ($25)

Another excellent present for culinarily inclined writers, The Little Library Cookbook contains over 100 delightful literary recipes from classics like Rebecca (afternoon tea at Manderley) Moby-Dick (clam chowder, of course).

31. Photography books ($20-$30)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the best gift you can give a writer is a photo book, holding hundreds of thousands of words — and inspiration for when the well runs dry!

32. Mini zen garden ($30)

Writers don’t tend to be the most “zen” people in the world they’re often either complaining about the stress of writing, or about not having enough time to write. Luckily, this zen garden is just the thing to bring them a bit of inner peace — for their sake as well as yours.

33. "Dead writer" perfumes ($30)

What does inspiration smell like? Well, it depends on your literary idol! For Hemingway fans, it’s bay leaf, tobacco, and fennel, while Plath enthusiasts get cedarwood, black tea, and vanilla. Whether your tastes (or those of your writer friend), Immortal Perfumes has a literary-themed fragrance to suit.

34. Storymatic ($30)

This box has six trillion (yes, you read that right) story ideas on cards that you can mix and match. Where else would you be able to find a prompt about a hypochondriac at a class reunion talking about broken promises while looking at unflattering portraits of themselves in their yearbooks? Perfect for long road trips, or an inspiring game night for creatives.

35. Book light ($30)

As any avid reader can tell you, there comes a time of night when their partner/roommate/pet wants to turn off the lights and go to bed. a dire scenario when the reader has just reached a cliffhanger! Thank goodness book lights exist, especially these from Mighty Bright — a bargain at $30 for light quality and easy rechargeability.

36. Freedom ($30/year)

Writers are a notoriously procrastinatory bunch. If you have a writer friend who’s open to productivity assistance and wouldn’t take it the wrong way, consider getting them a subscription to Freedom: the premier site- and app-blocking software to help people get sh*t done.

Discover the BestGeek and Science Gifts

Made of touch-controllable LED Light Squares that connect together along any side to create any design you choose. Pick your favorite color or let colors slowly cycle! It's beautiful smart art for your home.

Unbreakable Mechanical Pencil

The patented technology in this mechanical pencil is designed to eliminate broken lead. It works for all writing styles, pressure and angles so you can focus on writing and drawing. Click twice and you're ready to go!

Star Wars Yoda Metal Bookend

Your books show off, you must. Display a collection of sacred Jedi texts—or your favorite page-turners. This bookend's slanted design gives the effect of Master Yoda using the Force to do the heavy lifting. A unique geek gift!

Giant Bag of Marshmallows

All right, we can think of hundreds of situations where a gigantic bag of marshmallows comes in handy - parties, sleepovers, the train to work. Come on, live a little :) It's also the perfect gift for your friends, young and old!

Inflateable Air Fort

Admit it - youɽ love to have a secret fort, wouldn't you? Same here! Now you can make your childhood dream come true with the brand new Air Fort! It inflates in just 30 seconds and is the perfect place to hang out. Fits several adults!

World's Toughest Ultralight Tent

This ultralight and tear-resistant tent provides emergency protection all year round. Designed for hiking, camping and all other outdoor adventures, it packs away compact and is ready within seconds. A survival kit must have!

The No Pressure Pillow

Sleep better than ever before! Purple Pillow is made with hundreds of tiny triangles that let your head relax without losing support. Free Air Flow technology with breathable channels creates the perfect temperature. A must try!

Ultrasonic Quick Toothbrush

Stop brushing like it's the 1800's - upgrade to this patented ultrasonic toothbrush. It blasts plaque and stains away with 3D cleaning power and 15000Hz vibrations per minute. Enjoy perfect teeth within 7 days!

3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Win at breakfast and start the day with a smile! This epic breakfast station can handle anything you throw at it. It brews coffee, toasts 4 slices of bread, cooks eggs and pancakes and even bakes. Make your mornings awesome!

3D Printed LED Moon Lamp

This 3D-printed moon lamp is ultra-realistic, showing the beautiful details of the lunar surface in all their glory. It measures about six inches and includes a remote control to set light intensity and 16 different colors.

Spatula Clever Tongs

You need this in your life! This 2-in-1 kitchen accessory combines the flip of the spatula and the squeeze of tongs. It's so simple and so brilliant. Make cooking eggs, pancakes, meat and more super easy. Grab, cradle and scoop!

Giant Chill Sack Bean Bag

This enormous bean bag is filled to the brim with ultra-soft memory foam and ready to handle you and your family, plus friends. It's incredibly comfortable and lined with smooth microfiber on the outside. You have to experience it!

Modular Lunchbox

Handcrafted and precision engineered from natural bamboo, this modular food storage container system is perfect for lunches and picnics. It's food safe, FDA-approved, BPA-free and comes with bamboo chopsticks. Bon appétit!

Julius Caesar Pen Holder

Stabbed in the back! Lovers of Roman history and a good laugh will appreciate this weighty, substantial, and dignified bust of Julius Caesar. It's an accurate replica of Andrea Ferrucci's famous 1514 marble bust. A great history gift!

Microwave Pizza Crisper

Finally! This new heating pan will crisp your food ultra-fast in your microwave. No oven needed! It's ideal for grilled cheese, pizza, leftovers, chicken wings, sandwiches, hamburgers and much more. A great cooking gift idea!

Bluetooth HD Music Beanie

Listen to your favorite music and make calls – all while staying warm and cozy! This high-tech hat features built-in HD speakers and a hidden mic. You also get a free set of knit touchscreen-conductive gloves. The perfect fashion gift!

Car GPS Heads Up Display

Always know your real-time driving speed and get important warnings with this GPS HUD display. It uses nanotechnology to eliminate excess light reflection. Works for any car and is powered by your cigarette lighter.

Aukey Smartphone Lens Kit

Take your iPhone and Android photos to a whole new level with this brand new 2-in-1 smartphone lens kit. You get a 140° wide angle lens for action shots and a 10X macro lens for pro-level, detailed close-ups. Just clip it on and snap!

Dog Hoodie

Your pup is already the coolest, no question! But now you can show off all that swagger with this cute dog hoodie. It's available in many bright colors and features a handy kangaroo pocket to store bones and toys. Adorable!

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Check out this new special edition Monopoly game for Game of Thrones fans. All parts of the game are customized, including oversized tokens, an epic game board, cards, money, rules and more. The perfect gift!

Nomad Travel Backpack

Get ready for your next adventure with this waterproof and TSA-approved backpack. Features a dedicated water bottle pocket, valuables pocket, RFID protected pocket, shoe pocket, cord organizer, laptop pocket and more.

Bulletproof Shot Glass

Get the most badass shot glass in the world! It comes with a real, lead-free 0.308 caliber bullet that's penetrating the heavy-duty glass. Your friends will love this unique party-accessory. Looks absolutely amazing and unusual!

Glow In the Dark Hair Dye

Light up the night and become the center of attention at any club or party with this brand-new hair dye. It uses unique coloring to make your hair come alive in different colors under black light. Spectacular, vibrant, and beautiful!

True Mirror

Discover your true reflection with this clever invention: A 100% accurate, true mirror without the left/right reversal of normal reflections. This device aligns two mirrors seamlessly to create a magical effect that will blow your mind!

Two-Way Dog Friendly Leash

This pet-friendly dog leash reduces the feeling of restraint, making for happier and less anxious pups. When you move your hand, your dog feels it, and when he moves, you feel it. It’s a cooperative and interactive experience.

Girl Scouts Cereal

This is the real deal: Get all the nostalgia, fun, and flavor - right at breakfast (or lunch, or dinner)! Choose from your favorite Thin Mint and Caramel Crunch flavors. No high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. Yeah, Girl Scouts!

Darth Vader Toaster

Come to the light-to-dark side of the toast! This Star Wars toaster makes perfect bread, waffles, English muffins, and toaster pastries. Add a fun Star Wars logo to each slice, so there’s something for your eyes and taste buds.

Fiber Optic Light-Up Hoodie

Get ready for next-gen clothing! Become the highlight of any party by literally lighting up in different colors. This LED hoodie supports flash, smooth, strobe, and fade modes and can be hand washed. Incredibly cool!

Carry On Airplane Cocktail Kit

Skip the mile-dry club and make delicious cocktails as you reach cruising altitude! These TSA-approved cocktail kits are available as Bloody Mary, Champagne, Gin & Tonic, Hot Toddy, Moscow Mule, and Old Fashioned sets.

MiniPresso Espresso Maker

If you're looking for a really unique geeky gift for yourself or others, this is it! MiniPresso is the world's smallest espresso maker. It's hand operated (no batteries, no electric power). Just add espresso and water, press, and enjoy!

Sled Legs

Get ready for your next snowy adventure with this brand new outdoor gadget. Sled Legs are easy to transport and simple to use, combining the fun of sledding with the with the control of skis! Perfect for adults and kids 13 years and older.

LightSaber Chopsticks

Be the life of the dinner party and show that you're a true fan! Now you can start fun food wars at any meal with these ridiculously cool, glowing chopsticks. You get two pairs. They're lightweight and portable, so take them anywhere!

LEGO Flash Drives

If you're a fan of LEGO (who isn't?), grab these awesome, limited edition brick flash drives. Available in a variety of colors and storage sizes they're also the perfect small gift for your favorite nerd. Just don't step on them barefooted.

Levitating Flower Pot

Part high-tech gadget, part work of art, this floating plant pot is sure to make heads turn and jaws drop! It's the real deal - just add your favorite flowers and watch it magically float and turn through magnetic levitation!

Shhhh Coffee Mug

You need your coffee. Scratch that. You deserve your coffee! So, give a fair warning to those around you at home or the office. No talking until you had a few sips. The perfect funny gift for the coffee or caffeine love in your life!

Bacon Bandages

Scrapes and cuts stand no chance against this epic first aid tool. There's nothing better for fixing your boo boos than Bacon Bandages! They're sterile, latex-free, and self-adhesive - but a lot more fun than their plain counterparts.

Mini 3D Printer

The best-selling Monoprice Mini 3D Printer lets you design and print fantastic creations, from cell phone cases to tools and toys. Let your imagination run free and create anything. This is affordable 3D printing for everyone!

What the F*@#'s for Dinner?

Add humor to your kitchen and get the answer to life's everyday question: What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? This "choose your own adventure" style cookbook provides quick and easy solutions for the nightly conundrum!

Zelda Hyrule Coffee Mug

Love Zelda? Check. Love delicious drinks? Check. This mug is for you! If modern day coffee shop prices are your dungeon monsters, make your own and stay powered all day with the Hyrule Mug. Perfect for Legend of Zelda fans!

Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Love spaghetti? Now you can become a lean-mean-pasta-eating-machine! This kickass motorized fork automatically winds up your pasta for easier eating. Plus, you can pop it in the dishwasher after the deed is done!

Interactive Dog Maze Feeder

This ingenious dog bowl makes mealtime an engaging experience for your best friend. With over 1 million sold, the proof is in the puzzle: Dogs of all sizes LOVE this interactive maze. It even slows down eating time to aid digestion.

Tactical Defense Pen

Get ready for the Zombie Apocalypse, break glass in emergencies, and be prepared! This heavy-duty tactical pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Lightweight and durable, it's ready when you need it, for writing or defense!

Harry's Glasses Bookmark

OK, this is probably the coolest bookmark we've ever seen. It's precision laser cut from metal. If you're a fan of good old paper, you owe it to yourself to grab a pair. It's also a unique gift for your favorite book lover!

3D Dinosaur Night Light

This night light table lamp features an incredible 3D effect to show off the T-Rex's might! Pick one of seven colors, or just let it gradually change between them It includes touch control and the LED will last over 10,000 hours.

Funny Side Up Owl Egg Mold

Start your day with a fried side of fun! This handy frame shapes your breakfast into attractive egg art. Just place the mold in your frying pan and add two eggs. Boom, done! It's also available as a frog, robot, cat, and skull molds.

Woopsy Spilled Desk Lamp

Add a fun touch of color and design to any desk or nightstand. These amazing designer lamps look like spilled paint and come in a variety of cool colors. They also make for an amazing and affordable unique gift idea!

Ties Suck (In Binary Code)

If you're a human supercomputer, fluent in reading binary code, you already know it: This tie says "Ties Suck" in a hidden message only our future A.I. overlords and you will be able to decipher. Intelligent and hilarious!

BioPop Dino Sphere

The Dino Sphere is living work of art, filled with thousands of non-toxic marine algae. These bioluminescent dinoflagellates emit beautiful blue light at night when swirled in the dark. It's an incredible, magical experience!

Spare Air Emergency Kit

You can survive without food and water for a bit, but air - that's more immediate. So if you're a scuba diver, cave explorer, or submarine captain get the smallest portable air source in the world!
Easily refills from your SCUBA tank.

Sand & Dirt Proof Blanket

This innovative blanket features a soft mesh design that automatically gets rid of sand, dust, and dirt. Watch it all disappear before your eyes! Perfect for beaches, picnics, family trips, sports events, festivals, and camping.

Rubber Band Gun

Check out this instant classic: It's modeled after the popular 1911 handgun and features an all-wood construction. Just Maple and Walnut, no plastic here. Get ready to fire six rubber bands semi-automatically. So fun!

Glass Gem Heirloom Seeds

We don't often feature corn, but when we do, it's Glass Gem. Meet the most interesting corn in the world! No trickery here, this corn was cultivated using old time, heirloom varieties. It's absolutely stunning and unforgettable.

Rubber Ducky Ice Molds

Rub-a-dub-dub! These clever Rubber Ducky Ice Molds create three incredibly detailed duck shapes to keep your drinks cool and your heart warm. Dishwasher safe silicone. Also available as fiery Tikis and creepy Skulls.

Marshmallow Roasters

Say good bye to burnt, unevenly cooked fireside treats and say hello to your new barbecue companion! The maple wood handle and stainless steel frame ensure perfect marshmallows. Also works for hot dogs, shrimp, and much more.

Exclusive LEGO Figures

Check out these exclusive LEGO mini figures! They’re special edition collectors’ items and the perfect fan gift! We only have space to show you a few, but you can choose from dozens of fun designs. Get them before they're gone!

Sea Scooter

The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter takes your aquatic adventures to the next level! It will propel you at fast speeds in any pool or lake, above water and even below. Feel like a real-life superhero: It’s an amazing experience!

Dynamic LED Mood Light

This amazing light set makes anything you see on your TV or monitor even more vibrant and exciting! It's quick and easy to install, plus includes the free software that brings your images to life. Perfect for Netflix and gaming!

Gigantic Donut Pool Float

Right out of The Simpsons comes this huge donut pool float. It's the original, made by BigMouth Inc's team of evil geniuses. And it's sold millions of units for a reason: This thing is fun, wild, and absolutely unique. Happy splashing!

Portable SNES Console

Is this thing real? Yup! Years of scientific research have finally made it possible for you to enjoy all badass classic SNES games wherever you want. Just pop in any of these Nintendo cartridges and you're ready for some retro fun.

Dino Dog Costume

Cute, cuter, Dino Puppy! If you want your best friend to get all the attention, check out this adorable costume. Its clips on easily around pooch's stomach and is sure to make people smile. We got two for geeky office dogs. Super fun!

Star Wars Waffle Maker

Da-DA, da-da-da-DA-da, da-da-da-DA-da. Behold, the majestic Death Star. This time as a fun waffle maker! Cook the perfect breakfast for friends and family with five temperature settings, from golden tender to crispy brown.

Leather Book Laptop Case

If you want to add a timeless touch to your Macbook, this is the way to go. Classic hand-crafted genuine leather makes this a sophisticated carry and work case. It's the real deal, blending design and style perfectly.

Magic Wand TV Remote

Ready to become a student at Hogwarts? Until the owl brings your letter, you can practice with this amazing remote control. Learn up to 13 infrared remote control codes and replay them at your command with easy-to-learn gestures.

Glowing Royalty Playing Cards

Take your card game to the next level with this spin on the classic Bicycle deck! During the day these cards have a sleek, silver look but under blacklight, they come to life! A very unique gift that's sure to turn heads at any party.


Check out this futuristic transportation concept you can drive right now! This new take on wheeled sports is flexible, wild, and cool. The design is simple: two feet, two wheels. and you're ready to go. Incredibly fun to use!

Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover

The Chewbelta is the most fun and unusual geek gift we've seen in a while. It's a Star Wars Chewbacca-style seat belt cover that will make look any driver unique. It's hilarious, easy to install, and uses extra soft Wookiee fur.

AI Personal Trainer

Check out this must-have training tool: It features a cloud-based artificial intelligence coaching engine to get you better results. Aerospace-grade biosensors measure heart rate, motion, elevation, proximity, and touch.

Coin Eating Piggy Bank

Finally, a perfect place to put your spare change. This fun piggy bank is motion activated and will start moving as soon as you get close. It loves to chew up coins of all sizes, helping you or your kids to save them up. Super fun!

Soothing LED Wave Projector

Looking for a new way to relax in the evening? This LED projector transforms your room into a tranquil and relaxing underwater oasis. It projects relaxing water waves on the ceiling in three colors for a soothing and beautiful effect.

Tamagotchi Virtual Pet

Remember Tamagotchi, the wildly popular toy? We 'member! Now you can play with it again in an updated version with new technology and up to 49 fun pets to choose from. It's also the perfect, affordable nostalgia gift idea!

Smokey Effects Straw

Make your next party even more memorable (and crazy sexy) with these new smokey dry ice stirrers. They work with any drink, including cocktails, beer, champagne, and non-alcoholic sips. Everyone will talk aboutthis!

Life Gear Survival Kit

This cheap but complete emergency kit has you covered in case of emergencies with an assortment of gear and utilities. The set includes a first aid kit, directional compass, all weather poncho, signaling mirror, and much much more.

Lightsaber Keys

Take your Star Wars fandom anywhere with these custom, digitally printed lightsaber keys. They're based on standard Schlage SC1 keys so you can use them for most locks. We've rarely seen a more unique geek gift!

3D Cartoon Bags

Cartoon-style bags are a huge trend right now, and we totally get why: They use a clever, unique design that looks hand painted and really cool. From messenger bag to purse to backpack, you can get them in lots of shapes.

Glowing Headphones

Stand out from the crowd and increase your visibility outdoors with these brand new glowing headphones. They sound great and even shine brightly to the beats of your music. Perfect for home, the gym, on the go, and running.

Rainbow Fire Packets

Enjoy some fun and exciting chemical reactions as heat lets different elements react in a brilliant display of color. Can be used indoors and outdoors and constantly changes color for a fiery and totally amazing effect.

Galaxy Lollipops

These handmade lollipops feature amazing 3D galaxy designs. You get 10 of them with flavors including mango, melon, strawberry, cherry, kiwi, guava, and many more! It's the perfect space gift for friends or your own taste buds!

Flexible Mini Tripod

If your life is too adventurous for a regular old tripod check out this new design! It features three flexible legs with non-slip dots to ensure a strong grip on virtually anything. Available for all cameras, including action cams.

Night Sky Playing Cards

Now you can play all of your favorite card games while looking at the constellations. Each card in this standard deck features a custom illustration. The perfect way to geek up your poker parties and game nights!

Heat-Reactive Game Boy Mug

This retro gaming mug is so cool: It starts out all black and once you add a hot beverage, the cup changes colors and reveals the classic Game Boy design! If you're a Nintendo fan, this mug will put a smile on your face in the morning.

Your Slyce Pizza Gadget

Pepperoni? Mushrooms? Onions? If you're making fresh pizza for friends or family, kiss tricky topping choices goodbye. With Your Slyce everybody gets exactly what they want! It's also perfect for trying new recipes.

Atomic Age Lamp

This impressive "retro modern" lamp gives personality to any desk, table, or shelf. The Atomic design features an interior bulb that is strung with LED lights to mimic protons and neutrons, plus sleek black wires as electrons.

Bath Bomb Making Kit

One bath bomb kit to rule them all! This set includes everything you need to make 12 fresh bath bomb cupcakes! It's the world's only DIY kit that features 100% pure essential oils (lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, and grapefruit).

Easy Woodburning Art Tool

If you're looking for a new and unique hobby, look no further! This set is perfect for woodburning, hot knife cutting, and soldering. It includes seven interchangeable tips, plus a stand. Get creative and make amazing art!

Mini Hexacopter Drone

This tiny RC drone is a ton of fun to fly! Get ready for fast flips and racing your friends in the living room. A modern hexacopter design and an intelligent six-axis stabilization system make this the perfect drone for beginners.

Super Mario Wall Stickers

This fun Super Mario wall decal measures 45" wide and 60" high. Put it on any wall, it's easy to apply - just peel and stick. Add a touch of Nintendo awesomeness to any room. It's the perfect, geeky gamer gift!

Custom Fit Earphones

Why do headphones fall out, hurt, and let in noise? Because they don't fit. You can change all that with these custom headphones. Put the earpieces in warm water and mold them to your ears for a perfect fit. Remold as often as you like!

Food USB Flash Drives

There's cute and then there are these hyper-adorable food USB sticks. Each one is a real flash drive. Available in many different file sizes and too many food designs to list, they're the perfect geek gift for foodies and anybody else.

LED Astronomy Backpack

This backpack's astronomy design is cool enough, but it doesn't stop there! In fact, the guys at MOJO included modern LED tech which makes the backpack light up when you move it. It's a very unique gift idea for both kids and adults.

Cute Star Wars Pillow Covers

If you're a Star wars fan, take a second and check out these cotton pillow covers. They feature your favorite characters in uber-cute designs, perfect for any bedroom and living room. Tip: These cheap 18x18" pillow inserts fit perfectly.

Smartphone Video Stabilizer

Take your smartphone videos to the next level with this awesome camera stabilizer gimbal. It cancels out shakes and bumps for smooth, pro-level videos. Just snap in any phone and you're ready to film! Perfect for your next adventure.

PetPeek Fence Window

Why do dogs jump over fences? Because they're curious what's behind them! We totally get it. Help your furry friend see the whole world with this easy-to-install acrylic dome. It's super fun to watch poochy check out what's happening.

Floating Adventure Cooler

Save space in your kayak, float your favorite drinks out to your friends, and keep beverages cold all weekend! You can take this awesome floating cooler anywhere. It's super tough and watertight in any environment.

Star Wars BB-8 App Droid

BB-8 is everybody's favorite new Star Wars droid, and now you can control him with your smartphone or tablet! Use the Force to push, pull, and race BB-8 anywhere. This exclusive edition comes with a Bluetooth Jedi Force Band.

Endangered Species Erasers

Want to get a stylish and functional eraser and also help to support endangered species? We thought so! :) Check out these really cool erasers, created in partnership with the Center for Biological Diversity.

NASA Bomber Jacket

Take your style to a stratospheric level and beyond with a kickass NASA bomber jacket. It features authentic USA, NASA, and mission insignia patches, plus that pilot-orange inner lining. Gentlemen, this is a must have space gift!

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11 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone Left on Your List

Just because you procrastinated doesn't mean you care less.

You know where you won&rsquot find a good last-minute gift? The drug store. Believe us, we&rsquove tried. Nor is a wad of cash really in the holiday spirit of things. But you're stressed! I'm stressed! We're all stressed! There's no way a "quick trip to Macy's" will be fruitful (or quick). Nevertheless, you need a present for someone you care about that doesn't suck. Here is where we can help. Below are 11 ideas for subscriptions and/or gift cards that'll hook them up with legitimately cool services&mdashgrooming boxes, booze clubs, online skill courses&mdashthat they can enjoy well into the new year. Choose one you like, and you'll be sent an email or printable certificate you can pass along immediately. You could literally choose one of these gifts as you stand outside the front porch of the Christmas party, one second away from ringing the doorbell, and it'd still arrive in time. Now that's last-minute. Here's hoping the rest of your holiday season is significantly less stressful.

Give the gift of knowledge (but in a not boring way) by getting them a year-long pass to MasterClass, where celebrities and experts teach online courses on the topics they know best. Steph on basketball, Annie on photography, and Gordon on cooking, for example.

We all harbor a dream of becoming the next Keith Richards or St. Vincent. Fender provides online lessons in guitar, bass, and ukulele to make that dream a reality (sort of). Instrument not included.

Hook the spirits expert up with an elite spirits club like Flaviar. They'll get quarterly tasting boxes as well as access to a community of folks as booze-minded as them, where taste is refined and good bottles are sacred.

Socks: No longer a lame gift! A subscription to Stance will set them up with fresh socks (or underwear) on a monthly basis, keeping their drawers updated but not overwhelming them with new styling options. And Stance gear is seriously solid, from bold graphic designs to modern prints.

Should craft beer be more their style, this is the subscription for them. With it, they'll get 12 brews a month from independent brewers around America.

Prices vary

Who amongst us wouldn't love for someone else to come into their house and make it clean? Though it wouldn't be the first gift idea to pop into your head, it might be the most life-changing.

Do they like cool things? Perfect. Bespoke Post excels at cultivating cool things. Get them a box, which'll come packed with themed items&mdashgadgets, style accessories, grooming products&mdashas well as a gift card so they can sign up for more boxes to come, or shop Bespoke Post's online store themselves.

With January comes ambitious New Year's resolutions about losing weight and joining gyms. In solidarity, a ClassPass gift card will give them access to all sorts of boutique workout classes across a number of studios in their city that'll almost make all that exercising fun.

A Birchbox subscription works well for two kinds of people: Those with grooming know-how who want to experiment with more products, and those with no grooming know-how who could stand to have a few more products in their lives.

Wine bottles are meant to be shared. Vials of wine are not, simply because one vial holds one single glass of wine. And that's what Vinebox sends. No need for them to pretend to be generous with these.